Czech Spring

Czech Spring

The design refers to the S.A.W.E.R. system, which is the heart and technological core of the pavilion. Its essence, manifested on many levels, is transformation. It transforms air into water, a dry desert into a blooming garden and people’s view of the Czech Republic.

Technology is naturally integrated into the organism of the pavilion and together with it forms a strong manifestation of a hybrid ecosystem within which nature and technology interact. The intermingling of these two seemingly different worlds creates an unexpected symbiosis.

The object becomes an embodiment of transformation and a metaphor for technology, which it does not hide in enclosed spaces, but exposes in the form of the Cloud that connects all its parts. The trajectories between the various points of the process of transformation are the vessels of the pavilion’s organism and form the basis of the organic form. The structure is not just a passive decoration, but its individual parts are connected to the S.A.W.E.R. system.It becomes an active part of the system it represents.

The capillaries that form the Cloud in the exterior flow into the interior where they intersect with other technological ducts, most of which are left as visual. In the pavilion, the recognition of the technology is elevated to its display.

The design of the pavilion together with the exhibition is based on content and story, which is inspired by the metaphorical essence of the S.A.W.E.R. system.The physical principle is transformed into a space that becomes a new medium for communication with the visitor.


project national pavilion  locality EXPO2020, Dubai  design 2017 realization 2018-21