Broumov Monastery is a site endowed with a powerful historical context. The monumentality of the architectural complex speaks volumes about the importance with which our predecessors approached the construction. Baroque colonization of the landscape gives evidence of their use of top-level contemporary construction methods and technologies. The reformed landscape is now economically efficient and aesthetic and expresses the harmonious connection between man and nature at all times and in all its forms and shapes.

The union of these principles is reflected in the concept of the vertical arboretum located in the northwest corner of the monastery garden. The building’s identity is based on the coats of arms of the Břevnov religious order – it is built on the process of growth, symbolized by the shoot of a rose climbing up its vertical structure.

The axis that carries this shoot as a living principle upwards is inspired by the archetype of the baroque spiral along which the visitors embark on a journey

This spiritual journey is the central motive of the concept and is further thematized in the composition of the arboretum’s botanical section. This section changes in time and thus breathes life into the structure. Botanization starts as early as in the surroundings of the building in the form of planters integrated into the structure’s outlines from where it rises through all the arboretum’s levels. Individual levels symbolize individual spheres of the Benedictines’ lives.

The first level symbolizes sustenance and is represented by an edible garden dominated by vegetables and fruit bushes. The second level referring to education is a herb garden with its heart located at the hillock in the center of the atrium. The third level is the spiritual level, which represents the Garden of Eden. This part occupies the highest position of the vertical arboretum and, together with the increasing exposure in the space, forms a unique backdrop for meditation and contemplation.

project vertical arboretum   locality Monastery gardens, Broumov   design 2021